Hola amigos!!! I hope you all are doing fine, eating healthy homemade dishes, and staying fit (even if a workout isn’t the same without going to the gym) but hey, make use of your surroundings and you’ll see whole lotta gym lookalike equipment. You just need to look. Enough about workout!!! I’m here to talk about food as usual, and this time its DESSERTS. I’m a sweet tooth person which means I prefer sweet over savory, which also means I’ve been preparing a wide variety of sweet dishes this lockdown. So here are a few easy peasy lemon squeezy dessert recipes for you- my lovely readers to try during this quarantine.

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1. Suzi ka gulab jamun

– We all miss the “Halwai Ka Dukan” right around the corner of the street, don’t we? And most among us love gulab jamun, yes? So this recipe is going to give you solace and peace of mind because this is exactly like the one which we get in shops and it’s made from ingredients available in our homes, mainly Suzi and milk.

  1.  Take ghee in a dry pan and add Suzi. Keep on roasting it till it becomes a little brown color. Don’t overdo it, otherwise, it will burn. 
  2. Next, add milk and sugar and mix well.
  3. Cook till it thickens and becomes dry.
  4. Take it in a bowl and cool it down.
  5. Make the syrup, take sugar and water in a pan, boil it and cook till sticky stage. Add cardamom and saffron (optional) and mix well. Set aside and keep warm
  6. Now take the suji and knead well till smooth and divide it in half. In one part add green color. Next, make small balls of both white and green colors. The size of the white ball should be bigger than the green one which should be very tiny. 
  7. Take a white ball and flatten it, place the green ball inside it, and cover it. Roll into a smooth ball.
  8. Heat oil for deep frying, drop ball in medium hot oil and fry till golden. Drain and add immediately into the syrup. Let it soak for 30 mins. You can have it immediately or serve chilled. 

2. Bread ras malai 

– This sweet has got fans all around. Even my sister who doesn’t like anything sweet loves this. So, I made a bread version of this and it turned out just like they make in the shops. Here also you need basic ingredients like milk and bread. 

  1. Take bread pieces (preferably 1-2 days old) and cut it in round shape. 
  2. Next, in a pan add milk, sugar, cardamom powder and keep on stirring it till it becomes half of the original quantity of milk. Make sure to keep on scraping the sides of the pan. You can also add a few strands of saffron. 
  3. Take the milk out on a bowl and drop the bread slices. Place it immediately in the freezer for about 2-3 hours. 
  4. Next, take it out and garnish with pistachios and dried rose petals and serve chilled. 

3. Chocolate mousse

– Chocolate is everyone’s favorite, be it milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Chocolate mousse is a very easy dessert that can be made at the comfort of your home and your family members will keep on requesting you to make more. You need milk, sugar, cream, chocolate, cornflour, and cocoa powder for this recipe. These ingredients are easily available in our homes or the nearby grocery stores.

  1. In a pan add everything together except the chocolate. Make sure to keep the flame very low. Whisk continuously so that no lumps form. After whisking keep on stirring it till the sauce thickens.
  2. Next, add the chocolates (add as much as you want 😍) and keep on stirring till it mixes well.
  3. Remove the pan from flame and set it in small glasses and keep it in the freezer overnight or for 3-4 hrs.

4. Phirni

– We all love phirni and since it’s Ramadan time, how can we not make it. It’s a Kashmiri dessert made of milk and rice.

  1. Firstly, rice is soaked in water for a few minutes and then ground into a coarse paste. 
  2. It is then added to milk and cooked until this mixture of milk and rice becomes thick. You can add saffron and rose water to the milk which also adds beautiful color to it.
  3. Simmer the heat and cook till the milk is reduced to 1/2 and phirni has reached the desired consistency.
  4. Lastly, take out the phirni in wooden earthen bowls( to give the aesthetic touch) garnish with as many dry fruits and rose petals as you like and keep it in the refrigerator for 4-5 hours. Serve chilled.

5. Mug cakes

Mug cakes – the cuter and easy version of the cakes. You can customize according to your wish. Add as many chocolates or dry fruits as you like.

  1. Mix flour, sugar, cocoa powder(for a chocolate flavor, skip it if you want a simple vanilla flavor), baking soda, and salt in a large microwave-safe mug.
  2. Stir in milk, canola oil (or refine oil), water, and vanilla extract.
  3. Cook in the microwave until cake is done in the middle, about 1 minute 45 seconds.

Take it out from the oven once done and enjoy it all alone or give one spoon to each family member (if you’re generous enough 😉) 

6. Gajar ka halwa 

– We may not like veggies but when the same veggie gets transformed into a beautiful dessert we can’t help but keep asking for more of it. Yes,  I’m talking about the humble carrots and Gajar ka halwa which is made of carrots. Rich in taste and liked by almost everyone this halwa is the most famous among all.

  1. Peel and grate the carrots.
  2. Simmer in milk with the cardamom until liquid evaporates.
  3. Heat ghee in a heavy pan and add the carrot mixture and cook over a gentle flame for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Stir in sugar and continue cooking until the halwa turns a deep reddish color
  5. Garnish with dry fruits and serve. 

So these were the easy quarantine dessert recipes that are very easy to make with manageable ingredients during this lockdown. Stay safe everyone. Also, keep maintain social distancing and keep making new dishes so that maybe you can take part in the next season of Masterchef 😉😉. 


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