7 Solid Reasons to Visit Shimla

Solid Reasons to Visit Shimla

7 Solid Reasons to Visit Shimla!

Shimla is a place I’ll never forget not just because of its beauty but also because of the memories that I have created on this trip. Be it the picturesque landscape or the busy street of Lower Bazar, this trip will forever be embedded in my heart. Here are 7 solid reasons why you should visit Shimla also known as the Queen Of Hills!

The List of 7 solid reasons to visit Shimla

1) Himalayan Queen Toy Train Experience

You get to experience the Himalayan Queen Toy Train. Trust me, you will not regret this train journey. There are 102 Tunnels in the Kalka Shimla Train line. Barrog Tunnel Number 33 is the longest tunnel and is known as India’s Most Haunted Tunnel. Want to experience something Spooky? Then definitely hop on this train. 

Himalayan Queen Toy Train

If you are a Narnia fan, then travel by this train when Shimla experiences heavy snowfall, you will totally enjoy the snowy scenes. 

2) Scenic Attractions!

Shimla never fails to enchant you with its views. You will enjoy every single time in Shimla. Be it the journey, the places, the culture, everything is at its finest.

Reasons to Visit Shimla

3) The local people are kind, sweet, and HELPFUL

If you are traveling alone or in a group, do not worry at all! The people of Shimla are very kind, sweet, and helpful.
Fun Fact: When we reached Shimla, Kangkan (founder of Trends FYI) forgot his bag on the bus. But guess what? the locals helped him get back his bag, they were able to track down the bus and not a single thing was touched. Shimla won our hearts on the first day itself.

4) Mall Road and The Ridge

Mall Road is the main street in Shimla. Through Mall Road, you can visit The Ridge. The Ridge is a great place to hang out. The atmosphere is so good that you can simply just sit there or walk. You can totally opt for Softy or even the fruit juices that are available on the corner. There’s also an option for Horse Riding. 

Reasons to Visit Shimla

5) Loads of Landmarks & Religious Places

Viceroy’s Lodge or The Rashtrapati’s Nibas is a must-see landmark that you must visit. Sankat Mochan, Jakhoo Temple, and Christ Church are some of the popular religious places that you should totally go to! From Sankat Mochan, you can totally get a beautiful glimpse of Shimla from the viewpoint. Sadly we were not able to visit Jakhoo Temple, but you definitely should. 

Solid Reasons to Visit Shimla

6) The Local Markets

I’d highly recommend you all to visit Lower Bazar and Tibetian Market. You will totally find cute and affordable pieces of stuff there, be it sweaters, Kashmiri stoles & shaws, Indian Wear, western wear, fruits, and much more. I found these two markets to be the most affordable markets where there is an option of bargaining.

Note: All the markets close at 8 pm

7) The Food

Solid Reasons to Visit Shimla

If you ever want to eat wholeheartedly on a budget, then you should visit New Rajpoot Dhaba, Ram Bazar, Milap Dhaba, and Cart Road Old Bus Stand. You will not regret these places.

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