9 Best Instagram Apps for Android and IOS

9 Instagram Apps
Best Instagram Apps for Android and IOS! Instagram is not only a social media site but also a microblogging site, marketing platform, store and much more. If you want your page or profile to stand out, then you NEED to use at least one of the apps mentioned below.


Best Instagram Apps for Android and IOS



Content Editing: 

Content Editors are essential if you are an influencer, content creator, brand or even have an Instagram store. I’ve mentioned a few apps which are great for content editing which will make sure that your feed aesthetic is on point. 
(P.S. If you have a private profile, by all means, you can use these apps, there’s no discrimination for private profiles vs those with public profiles.)

For Stories:


StoryArt :

Download Links: Android | IOS
I use this app personally for my food page and blog page on Instagram. You can create animated stories for Instagram as well as Whatsapp. There are multiple free and paid templates to choose from. I haven’t tried the paid templates yet but I’m quite satisfied with the free templates. 
  • 500+ templates to choose from
  • Animated story templates
  • Huge Font Collection
  • Can apply Filter
  • You can even alter the speed of videos
  • Can save directly into your mobile or can upload to Instagram stories
  • Have the option to create Highlight covers


Mojo Story Editor


Download Links: Android (Coming soon) | IOS
This app is for the iPhone users. Good news for android users, Mojo – Stories Editor will soon be available for android users as well. I’ve used this app to create text-based video stories. I feel this one has a special feature of animated text effects. It contains free as well as paid templates


                                                      Download Links: Android | IOS
Canva is an all-in-one app that allows you to create multiple graphic designs for Instagram posts, stories, banners, etc
Use Canva for Social Media• Helps to create a memorable insta quote with the Instagram Highlight cover and Instagram highlights icons maker• Can cereate Facebook Posts & Facebook Covers• You can even design Pinterest and Twitter banners & also Youtube thumbnails• It also helps to make cards, events, photo collages, etc.


Photo Editing:


Facetune 2 


Download Links: Android | IOS
Facetune 2 is a free app which was usually made for IOS users. Facetune is the original app which is a paid subscription-based app. 
It is a hugely popular selfie and portrait editor which is now also available for Android. You can literally do anything, be it blemish control, smoothening, teeth whitening, and also contains artistic tools that help you to change your background.


Download Links: Android | IOS
VSCO is a photo editing app basically for the creative community. I use VSCO for editing my food posts on littleguwahatifoodie and also on my personal Instagram account, but now I’ve shifted to Lightroom to edit any portrait shots.
For starters you get 10 free presets, you can even control the saturation, grain, exposure, etc. You can search for “vsco preset combinations” on google and create your own custom preset.




Download Links: Android | IOS
Snapseed is a pretty popular photo editing app that lets you create double exposure, enhance your photos and apply digital effects.
Things I Love About Snapseed:
  • Its tools and filters that include Brush, Healing, HDR, structure, etc
  • Tune image, rotate, crop
  • Filter curve

Adobe Lightroom

Download Links: Android | IOS
If you want a professional photo editing tool for Instagram, then Adobe Lightroom is the BEST! But it can be a bit complicated, so you need to learn it before you download it. Literally, 80% of my pictures on Instagram are edited using either self-created presets or by using other presets available on different sites.
Lightroom has free as well as paid features, but for a beginner, free tools are enough for a killer Instagram post.
Things I Love About Lightroom:


  • Tones of presets
  • Pro-level camera
  • more detailed shots with advanced capture modes such as raw, professional, and HDR
  • Best clarity and picture quality
  • Has a color mixer and curves
Few sites that provide free Lightroom presets:
(Note: Lightroom mobile preset is a DNG file)

Feed Organizer:



Download Links: Android | IOS
If you want a killer Instagram feed, then you NEED to organize your feed. For that, I use this perfect app called UNUM. It is perfect for IOS, but I don’t know if it good enough on android as well? 

UNUM helps you to drag-and-drop your pictures and create a perfect feed. It also allows you to schedule your posts and directly upload to Instagram.



Enlight Pixaloop


Download Links: Android | IOS

Enlight Pixaloop is the IT app of 2018. This app lets you create beautiful animated pictures. They have few free filters and the rest are paid. If you need to create whimsical animated pictures for Instagram, then you NEED this app.

Well, these are the best Instagram apps for android and ios that I could find. All of them are tried and tested. I hope this article was helpful.


Photo by Tofros.com from Pexels

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