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Delicacies to try during Winters

Winter season is loved by almost everyone, what with people getting ready for Christmas and New Year. Also for folks like me who are a bit on the healthy side, it’s a relief cause with all the layers of sweaters and jackets that food baby remains hidden from people. And, if you’re fortunate enough to be living in one of the places where it snows then there’s nothing left to say !!! But along with the season being oh-so-romantic, there are also some food items that are particularly enjoyable during the chilly season. So here’s a list of those items :

foods in winter

1. Daulat ki Chat 

– Usually, when we hear the word “Chat” we think of something spicy, tangy or salty; but this one is completely the opposite. Its actually a dessert available during the winter season i.e., from November to March in the streets of Delhi, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Kanpur. Milk is used as the main ingredient here. So, if you happen to visit these places during the winter season keep an eye out in the streets for Daulat ki Chat because arguably it’s one of the fluffiest desserts ever. 

2. Gajar ka Halwa

– Even though Gajar ka Halwa can be prepared all throughout the year but savoring it during winters warms the heart and soul. Available all over India and easily prepared at home, carrots are the main ingredient here.                                                     

3. Sarson ka Saag

– Winter is incomplete without having a Sarson ka saag along with Makki ki roti. A popular North Indian dish, it is available in abundance during winters because of Sarson which is a winter leafy vegetable.

4. Nolen Gurer Sondesh

– A popular Bengali dessert that uses date palm jaggery available only during winters. Its a treat for the taste buds – the way it instantly melts in the mouth. The presence of dates keeps the body warm and glowing during this season.

5. Assamese style Duck Curry

– For an Assamese, duck curry prepared with kumura (white gourd) is a must-have during this season. Prepared along with a host of spices, this dish is sure to make you feel warm like no other which is the reason it isn’t prepared during any other season.

6. Beetroot Thoran

– A dish from Kerala where the beetroot is mixed together with grated coconut, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and turmeric powder and briefly stir-fried on a pan. Even though thoran can be made with a lot of other veggies but beetroot thoran can only be made during winters because of beetroot which is grown particularly during this season.

So these were some of the must-have dishes during winters which will tingle your taste buds along with keeping you warm. Do tell us in the comments section below which one of the above you’ve tried or would love to try !!!!!

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