9 Famous Food trucks in Guwahati

Food trucks in Guwahati

Even though food trucks have been around for a long time in the UK and US and also in other places of India but it’s only recently that we have been seeing a growing trend of food trucks in Guwahati. Young entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas to attract the crowd. So here’s presenting some of the food trucks, both old and new of our beautiful Guwahati city…

List of Famous Food Trucks in Guwahati

1. The Cheese Wagon

Location – Under Six Mile Flyover, Six Mile, Guwahati – 781022

One of the newest entries to the food truck domain, this van serves delicious dishes with everything being cheesy as the name suggests like cheesy chicken roll, cheesy fried chicken, etc. Also, the rates are really affordable.

2. Street Za


  1. In front of Akash bani, Chandmari Flyover, Krishna Nagar Rd,  Chandmari, Guwahati – 781004
  2. Sewali Path, Hatigaon, Guwahati – 781038
  3. House no-68, Lamb Rd, Ambari, Guwahati – 781001

This truck needs no introduction. They are simply fabulous at their job. Serving Chinese fast food at a really student-friendly price is always loaded with people of all age groups. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my personal favorite is the double chicken roll. Loaded with chicken and mayo, I absolutely love it. It is one of the most famous food trucks in Guwahati.

3. Yatai

Location –  Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati – 781024

The people of Guwahati got to taste authentic ramen through this cart. They make everything from scratch, even the noodles. They also serve other unique dishes like dorayaki pancakes, fried Oreos, etc. Don’t all these sound delicious ??

Quick tip for the lovers – Take your better half to this place for a cute date in the evening. I’m sure you will love it!!!

4. HiAsia

Location – House No.5 Jyoti Path Near Sudarshan Public School, Jayanagar Khanapara

The panna cotta of this truck is widely famous all around Guwahati. Very smooth and creamy at just Rs 50 it is a treat for the taste buds. it also serves some other delicious dishes like Chicken pasta in Bechamel Sauce, Shanghai noodles, etc.

5.  Maa Dosa Stall

Location – Outside Nehru Park, Digholipukhuri, Guwahati – 781001

Serving dosa of different varieties on a truck it’s one of a kind in Guwahati. They also serve pav bhaji of different kinds. This truck has been around for a long time and over time the quality has deteriorated a little bit but that shouldn’t stop you from giving a visit to this truck.

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6. Burger on wheels

Location – Gauhati University Last Gate, Guwahati – 781014

Located just outside Gauhati University’s main gate towards the Satmile area, this truck has gained quite a lot of fans among the GU students. Their burgers are delicious and ridiculously low priced for such a yummy thing. If you are a student of GU or AEC or reside nearby, then it’s time you make a visit to this truck. 

7. Biryani hotspot

Location – Muktadir Arcade, AT Road, Below Havells Showroom, Adabari, Guwahati – 781012

Serving authentic biryani to the GU, AEC students, this truck is a hit in this area. Also, the owners happen to be alumni of AEC, so you can understand the emotional attachment for AEC students. But apart from that, the biryani and chicken curry of theirs make a good combo along with the fruit salad. They also organize parties and events. So the next time you want to throw a party for your friends, but don’t know where and what to order, give a call to this truck.

8. Sodawala 

Location – No specific location. They keep on changing. Keep on checking their FB page for the latest location. 

It is a cute little soda van serving six different flavored drinks with and without soda. If you happen to see them somewhere by chance do stop by and try out the drinks. You won’t regret it!

9. Fatso – The Gourmet Food Truck 

Location – Opposite Datamation, Wireless, Beltola, Guwahati 

It’s a truck serving gourmet dishes like chicken pasta with pink sauce, slice pork dry fry with bamboo shoot, chicken dry fry with bamboo shoot, etc. A truck serving dishes like this is giving tough competition to the cafes around the area.

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So these were some of the food trucks in Guwahati. If you know of any such food trucks in Guwahati that we missed out on, do comment below. Till then Happy Eating !!!

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