How to Earn Money from Free WordPress Blog?

How to Earn Money from Free WordPress Blog?

Who doesn’t want to earn money, right? If you get an opportunity to earn money without spending a single penny, sitting at your comfortable chair, by following your passion, what else is needed? So, we are here to discuss how to earn money from free WordPress blog. 

First things first, there is no shortcut to earn a lot of money overnight. To earn a lot of money, you must have patience, perseverance, and dedication. These 3 things will lead you to success. 

You may have asked yourself many times, “Can I earn money from a free WordPress blog?” With, it is possible to earn money, but you will definitely need those 3 things mentioned above. The best thing about earning from a blog is that you earn from your passion. The next thing is you can start from anywhere, at any time, and the sky is the limit.

It’s always better to start from a free platform, whether it is Blogger or WordPress. When you start making money, you can move from free platforms to paid platforms. In the free platforms, the resources are limited, and earning from these platforms is not easy. The benefit of a paid platform over free is that you get more opportunities and resources for improvement.

Let’s go straight to explore the 10 possible ways to earn money from blogs without wasting much time.

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Before getting started, let’s talk about the requirements.

Requirements to earn from free WordPress blog

  1. A account
  2. A free WordPress-hosted blog
  3. Article writing skill
  4. Basic knowledge of SEO
  5. A great audience
  6. Affiliate accounts 
  7. That’s all!

Now, if you have all the requirements fulfilled, you are ready to earn money.

How to Earn Money from Free WordPress Blog?

Whenever we talk about the monetization of blog content, the first thing that comes to our mind is advertising. Yes, advertising is definitely one of the best methods, but there are some other methods. These methods are proven to be more useful and better than advertising.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission by referring any product or service to your audience. If someone buys anything from your referral link, the commission will be added to your account.
There are a lot of affiliate networks available for almost every industry. You may join any of the affiliate networks similar to the niche of your blog. Sticking to the niche-related affiliate network increases the chance of click on the referral link.
For example, if your blog is about travelling, you can join the affiliate network of
Some of the affiliate networks are
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • vCommission
  • Share A Sale
  • CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction)
  • Envato Affiliate
  • jvZoo
  • Click Bank

2. Sell Advertising Space

You can sell the spaces available in your blog, like the free spaces in the sidebar, spaces inside your blog posts, etc. You can charge advertisers pay per click or a flat rate for a specific time period. 

Note: You will not be able to apply for Google Adsense or similar kinds of ad networks with free WordPress blogs, as you do not have any access to the HTML header tags.

These types of ads are attractive and increase the chances of click. You can design attractive advertising graphics with tools like Canva.
WordAds, the own advertising network of, may show some ads on your blog, but you will not generate any revenue from it. To earn revenue from WordAds, you will have to purchase a plan from them, which will cost you around $8 per month.

3. Sponsored Posts

Some bloggers don’t want to display ads on their blogs. For them, writing sponsored posts is another best way to earn money.
The meaning of sponsored posts is to write articles for some brands to promote their products, for which you will get paid.
Whenever you think of writing sponsored posts, stick to the niche of your blog. For example, if your blog is on Android apps, don’t write sponsored posts on beauty or makeup products, but you may write on beauty apps.
Before publishing a sponsored post, you must know about the law for disclosure in your locality. And, it is always a best practice to mark these kinds of posts as sponsored in the title or the body of your article.

4. Sell Online Course

Every blogger starts their blog on the topics in which they have a good amount of knowledge. So, if you are an expert in that field, you may design some courses for students and sell them on your blog.
how to earn money from free wordpress blog
Some people always have eager to learn new things and do not think about money before buying a course. If you provide good value in your course, word of mouth will play an important role in your success.

Note: Always keep the price of your course low so that it becomes affordable to everyone and you get more students.

You can use various payment gateway methods like PayUMoney, Razorpay, and many more to collect payments from your students. After getting paid, you can deliver the course materials to your students physically or by email and Whatsapp.

5. Accept Donations

Accepting donations from the people who love your work is another great source of income.
World’s one of the most popular websites Wikipedia’s main source of income is donations. They don’t show any kind of advertisements on their website. Many other popular websites also take donations from their visitors.
Don’t force your visitors to make donations. If they get any value from your blog, they will definitely donate to you.
There are various platforms available to accept donations, such as Buy Me a Coffee, PayPal, etc. Just create an account there and start accepting.

6. Offer a Freelance Service

As you are an expert in your niche, you can offer freelance services based on your niche to your audiences. Freelancing is becoming popular nowadays and has great opportunities to earn money.
Freelancing is better than the other services because it doesn’t require any investment. You can use other’s resources to do your work. To be a good freelancer, you must be loyal to your clients.
Freelancing improves your expertise in things day by day. You can start as a freelance blog writer for another blog. You can also provide other services that relate to your blog.

7. Write Review Articles

Writing review articles is another way of earning money from your blog, and it is almost similar to that of sponsored posts.
At first, you must have patience before becoming a famous review article writer. What you have to do is first write reviews on whatever you purchase. In the early days, you can earn money from affiliate links to that product.
Once your audience grows and starts getting engaged in what you write, brands will start sending you review units to review their product. You can ask for money from brands for reviewing their product. 

8. Sell Ebooks

We are living in the electronic era. From emails to eCommerce, we are surrounded by everything electronics. Now, paper books are also replaced by ebooks.
Ebooks are one of the most popular digital products. People are moving to ebooks due to their convenience. Anyone can easily write and create an ebook.
You can collect your old blog posts and put them inside of the ebook. When you create an ebook, try to use readable fonts like Times New Roman, use good quality images, and give as much quality as possible so that the reader again comes to purchase your other ebooks.
Add an attractive cover page to your ebook, add a table of contents and hyperlink it to the target pages.
Marketplaces like the Instamojo marketplace offer services to sell and collect payments online for products like ebooks. They also have an affiliate program where they permit other marketplace users to resell your product and earn a commission.

9. Public Speaking

Public speaking is not a direct income source from blog, but it is an indirect source of income. When your readers become your fans, they will invite you as a guest or a subject matter expert in various events.
how to earn money from free wordpress blog
Public speaking is very popular among bloggers, and many bloggers are earning a lucrative amount of money. You can also charge an amount of money from the organizers.
There are many benefits of public speaking, such as earning money, promoting your blog, and getting a potential audience. To be a public speaker, you must have great knowledge and skills. If you don’t have, then it’s time to start improving yourself.
Besides your blog, you must maintain a good social media presence. This will help you to reach out to your fans easily. Try to be consistent in both.

10. Start Consultation Services

This is also another indirect income source from your blog. A blog will help you get clients for consultation services.
Suppose you are a finance expert, you can share finance-related tips on your blog, and at the same time, you can invite your visitors for a financial consultation.
At first, you can give a free one to two consultations to attract clients. Once you start getting a decent amount of clients, you can charge an amount of money as a consultation fee.

Now you know that you can earn money from free WordPress blog both directly and indirectly. Hope this will help you to monetize your blog. Happy Blogging!!

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