How To Start A Blog with Blogger? – The Complete Guide

How To Start A Blog with Blogger? – The Complete Guide

How to Start a Blog with Blogger for Free

So, you are planning to start a blog! Good idea…
Starting a blog is one of the best ideas. It’s always best to share your knowledge than just keep it inside. But the question is “how to start your blog?

A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page. Wikipedia
The best thing about creating a blog with Blogger is it’s totally free. Yeah! you have heard it right. You can start your own blog with zero investment. There are also some other free platforms like, Wix, etc., but the blogger is a Google product, so you can think about the reliability. 
I am also a new blogger and you know what? This is my first blog. I think I should share how I have created this blog and give you the basic idea of how you will be able to create your own blog with Blogger.
So, let’s get started.

Why should you join the blogging community?

The first question to you is why do you want to join the blogging community or want to be a blogger?
Note: If you already have the idea of why, then you can skip this step and move forward.
The reasons why you should join the blogging community are
  • Blogging is one of the most popular methods to communicate with people
  • It is the best way to share your knowledge and information
  • Blogging makes you a better person and a better writer
  • Blogging makes you popular
  • The best reason is, you can make money from it

Requirements to start a blog with blogger

These are all basic things you already have. I have listed down the basic requirements. 
  1. A computer or a smartphone
  2. A good browser
  3. Internet access
  4. A Google account
Yes, these are the only things to start your blog with. As you are reading my blog so I think you already have the first 3 requirements.  Nowadays everyone has a Google account and you already know that one Google account is enough to access all the Google products. So, you are just one step away from starting your own blog.

How to start a blog with blogger in 8 steps

Here are the eight steps you need to create your first blog. You will just need 15 to 20 minutes to set up your blog.
  1. Get a Gmail account
  2. Sign in to Blogger
  3. Confirm your profile
  4. Create a new blog
  5. Set up the title, address, and theme
  6. Create a post
  7. Preview your post
  8. Publish your post

Step 1 – Get a Gmail account

The first thing to do to start a blog with Blogger is to create a Gmail account. If you already have an account then it’s okay! You can use that account to create your blog. You can follow the link given below to get a Gmail account.

Step 2 – Sign in to Blogger

In the next step, you have to go to Then you have to sign in to blogger with your google account. 
start a blog with blogger

Step 3 – Confirm your profile

In this step, you have to set your blogger profile. Enter a display name and click on continue to blogger. The display name is the profile name that will be seen by the readers when they view your posts. 
start a blog with blogger

Step 4 – Create a new blog

After the set up of the display name, you have to click on the create a new blog button.
start a blog with blogger

Step 5 – Set up the title, address, and theme

Now you think about a title related to your niche and check the availability of the address. Make sure that your title and address are similar. Because it helps your visitors to remember your blog name and the URL. Your address will be like as you are starting the blog for free. I will cover how to connect a custom domain to your blogger account in my later posts. After setting up the title and address, select any theme from the list and click on create a blog! button.
start a blog with blogger
Now you are just a few steps away from your blog.

Step 6 – Create a post

It is the main part of your blog. The posts will tell everything about your blog. So make sure that your posts are relevant to your visitors. The posts in a blog are nothing but the bits of knowledge you want to share with others.
To create a post at first you have to click on the new post button or create a new post hyperlink. It will open up a text editor, where you will be able to write your posts. 
start a blog with blogger
In the text editor, give your post a beautiful title and write the contents of the post. You can also use the various functions provided in the text editor. 
start a blog with blogger

Step 7 – Preview your post

After completing the writings, it is very much important to preview your post. It will help you to look at the view of the post and most importantly to find the errors in the post. To preview your post, click on the preview button at the upper right of the text editor.
start a blog with blogger

Step 8 – Publish your post

Now you are at the final step of creating your first blog. Publishing the post will allow your visitors to read your post. It is very much simple to publish your blog. You just have to click on the Publish button near the preview button and your post will be live.
start a blog with blogger
Congratulations! Now you have your own blog.

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