Best Rooftop Restaurants in Guwahati

Best rooftop restaurants in guwahati

Rooftop restaurants in Guwahati are one of the most sought places these days and why wouldn’t they be? With so many malls opening, these restaurants offer a scenic view of the city, good food, and a classy ambiance, be it in broad daylight with your friends or for a romantic date in the evening with your bae. So here we have listed some of the rooftop restaurants in Guwahati. Hoping it would help you to pick out your next favorite spot to fill your tummies as well as please your eyes.

List of Best Rooftop Restaurants in Guwahati

1. The Root Barrel

The Root Barrel
Image Credit: The Root Barrel

Location – 7th Floor, Exotica Greens (above Guwahati Central), R G Baruah Road, Guwahati – 781009

The Root Barrel is the newest microbrewery in the city. They have brought the Belgian technology of producing the finest quality craft beer to the city of Guwahati. Coming to the food, they have some really delicious items on the menu. However, some of the items that stand out from the rest are Texas fried chicken, pork ribs with in-house beer sauce, Chef’s special mission impossible burger with fries, spaghetti with meatballs, Fiery Thai Shrimp Bowl served with egg and fried chicken, etc. And some stand-out drinks are the cold brew sour, root barrel high, etc.

2. Olive Garden

Olive Garden
Image Credit: Bartender Riyan Pwali

Location – Hotel Awesome Palace, Opposite Passport Seva Kendra Office, Ganeshguri, Walford, Guwahati – 781007

Another rooftop restaurant with an amazing view where you wouldn’t mind spending your time along with some cool photos to click for the gram. They serve Mexican, Continental, and Italian cuisine. Also, the staff is really friendly and the service is quick. The items that stand out from the rest are South coast chicken burger along with fries, Cajun Seasoned grilled chicken served with sauteed veggies, Enchiladas served with garlic bread, Bruschetta, mocktails like Love on the Beach, Virgin Daiquiri, etc.

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3. The View Restaurant & Lounge

The view restaurant and Lounge
Image Credit: Dr. Rishi Kumar Gupta

Location – 6th Floor, Block A, 191, Above Guwahati Central, Exotica Greens, R G Baruah Road, Zoo Tiniali, Guwahati – 781005

This place opened its door to the public towards the end of June and has been a hit ever since mainly because of its fantastic view as its name suggests and also for its food which is of a wide variety and quite pocket-friendly which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It’s one of the few places in Guwahati which serves Laal Maas (Meat) – Missi Roti which tastes divine. Some other recommended dishes are Grilled chicken breast with rice and sauteed veggies, Pad Thai noodles, Pan-seared salmon, etc. They also have an amazing collection of drinks.

4. Sura Vie

Sura Vie
Image Credit: Kankan Kalita

Location – 4th Floor, The Hub Mall, G S Road, Bhangagarh, Guwahati – 781007

When life gets to you during the week, this is the perfect place to chill at the weekends because along with a beautiful outdoor seating area the interiors are also very great along with living music. Located in the heart of the city of Guwahati, it is a resto-lounge. Along with food, they have a great variety of cocktails and also serve some of the finest international beers and wines. Some of the dishes that need to be tried are Nachos, Pizza, Manchow soup, noodles, etc.

5. Botanee 

Image Credit: Nivedita Rai

Location – 3rd floor, Sureka Square, Bora Service, Guwahati – 781007

Freshly into the category of rooftop restaurants, it is a vegetarian place, and as the name suggests it is a place surrounded by lots of greens around. So, if you’re vegan and would love to enjoy some good food with a lovely ambiance this is the place for you. Some of the dishes that need to be tried are Cottage cheese Sicilian, Harissa Saslikh, Cheese Salsa Panipuri, etc.

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Also if you think we missed out on any other rooftop restaurant in Guwahati do let us know in the comment section below.

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